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Title: Like the Wings of a Hummingbird (AO3)
Rating: Explicit
Author: [ profile] astrild
Artist: [ profile] cashay
Beta: [ profile] _bluebells and [ profile] cosmo_naught
Ship: Adam Milligan/Michael
Word Count: 29,000
Notes: This has been a wild ride! All my gratitude goes out to the mods over at [ profile] spn_adambang for organizing this challenge and being so patient with me throughout; to [ profile] _bluebells for holding my hand and keeping me from giving up; to [personal profile] eosrose for flailing enthusiastically even when I wouldn't let her see what I was working on; to [ profile] cashay for creating such lovely art; and to [ profile] cosmo_naught for jumping in to help with some last-minute beta work.
Summary: In a world where vessels are rare and necessary treasures for powerful mages, serving boy Adam finds his world turned upside down when he's called forth to take his half-brother's place as vessel and bondmate to Michael, Archmage of Water. Will this be the doom Adam expects it to be? Will the bond even take? And, for the love of the gods, will anybody ever tell him why it's so vital that he begin submitting to the bond practically before he even shakes off the dust from travel?

Read the Story: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3A | Part 3B

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