September 2012

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Title: The Rape of Persephone
Author: [ profile] astrild
Beta: [ profile] maritx & [ profile] novakev
Word Count: 1500
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Teen
Ship: Lucifer/Sam Winchester

Summary: Four weeks ago Sam was hospitalized after a car accident that left him battered, bruised, and robbed of his memories. Three weeks ago Sam was released into the custody of Luc, a man who is apparently his long-time boyfriend. Now Sam is still struggling to make sense of the blank spaces in his head and start rebuilding his life. He thinks maybe he's starting to get a handle on things. He's wrong.

Notes: This was written for the FYSL Hotter Than Hell Fanwork Exchange. My giftee, [ profile] santy-anno (who writes awesome Lucifer/Sam ficlets BTW), gave me the following prompts: (1) lace; (2) plum; and (3) "The Devil follows me day and night, because he is afraid to be alone." --Francis Picabia. While brainstorming ideas for a response, I shared these prompts with my darling [ profile] bluebells, who inspired me to write this story. My interpretation of the prompts is pretty loose, but I hope you like it anyway, [ profile] santy-anno!


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Title: Don't Tell Dad (My Boyfriend Carries a Flaming Sword)
Author: [ profile] astrild
Betas: [ profile] novakev & [ profile] cryysis
Word Count: 1642
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Teen
Ship: Gabriel/Sam Winchester

Summary: John Winchester tries his hand at playing matchmaker for his youngest son. Gabriel really doesn't appreciate all the girls throwing themselves at his boyfriend. Something's gotta give.


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Written for the prompt:

AU where John never died. Sam is avoiding picking up the phone to tell his dad he's dating an angel. A guy angel. Gabriel is tempted to do it for him.

Happy Birthday, [ profile] nileflood! This was a great prompt and a real pleasure to fill. I hope your special day is been bright with joy.